Turmeric Sweet Potatoes with Poached Eggs and Lemon Dressing

Healing Bowl “Oh my my, oh hell yeah, honey put on your party dress, buy me a drink, sing me a song, take me as I come cuz I can’t stay long!” – And you won’t want to if this is what’s for dinner! Get home NOW, because THIS IS BEYOND DELICIOUS! This little ditty … Continue reading

Pomegranate, Pear and Pistachio Salad

It’s funny how the weather affects my taste buds. The warmer it gets the lighter I like to eat. Are you like that too? I made this the other day when it was a beautiful sunny day with a high of about 80 degrees. It’s a refreshing, crispy, sweet and savory flavor that will wake … Continue reading

Brie, Cranberry and Pistachio Quesadillas

I found this super easy snack in one of my new recipe books called The New Vegetarian Grill by Andrea Chesman. It’s just the right amount of sweet, salty and creamy together. You can make it indoors in a grilling pan or outside on a grill. These would make a good side dish to a salad … Continue reading

Grilled Peaches

A healthy dessert that makes use of fresh fruit and a grill! Simple, elegant and way tasty! Ingredients: Peaches (as many as you like) 1- large container of Greek Vanilla Yogurt Small amount of – Olive oil and a brush 1- Bag of Shelled Pistachios Drizzles of honey Directions: Wash and cut open the peaches, … Continue reading