Quinoa Pecan Brittle

Get your toothpicks out cuz yer gonna need ’em for this! And boy oh boy is it worth it! Addicting! WOW! This recipe came up in my newsfeeds on Facebook about a week and a half ago. I had all the ingredients but just got around to making it last night. The recipe comes from … Continue reading

Apple Nachos

Apples circles are layered with warm ooey, gooey natural peanut butter, then topped with all the goodness of nuts and just a hint of sweetness on the very top. Ooohlala! So decadent! Compared to regular nachos this is a pretty healthy snack, but don’t over do it. This recipe is for two people so don’t … Continue reading

Wild Rice Salad

Another great summer salad I found as I was exercising and watching The Food Network. You can feel good about eating this even if you didn’t exercise today, because it’s packed with fresh fruits, nuts, healthy olive oil and cranberries! From the Barefoot Contessa, this salad is FULL of flavor, is light, healthy and just … Continue reading