Cauliflower Tabbouli

I found this recipe from Dr. Hyman’s recipe site when I made the Rosemary Almond Flour Crackers and mad oh man the two together are delicious! Easy and healthy. Boom! Enjoy! Ingredients: 1 head- cauliflower, cleaned and pulsed in a food processor 1/2 cucumber – peeled and diced 8- cherry tomatoes, washed and cut into quarters … Continue reading

Pomegranate, Pear and Pistachio Salad

It’s funny how the weather affects my taste buds. The warmer it gets the lighter I like to eat. Are you like that too? I made this the other day when it was a beautiful sunny day with a high of about 80 degrees. It’s a refreshing, crispy, sweet and savory flavor that will wake … Continue reading

Ginger Tea

I have a hellacious cold right now and I love nothing more than a hot cup of ginger tea with lemon when I don’t feel well. I’m on cup number two today and this is how I make mine. Ginger by the way, is not only tasty, but is super, duper good for your skin. … Continue reading

Lemon Cake with Lemon Glaze

Lemon Cake with Lemon Glaze This is a super lemony, super yummy, super moist, super tangy cake for summer; one that would be a hit for your Labor Day weekend. I found this on Facebook, but once I started following the directions, I realized they were a little “off.” It took me a bit to … Continue reading


I probably won’t buy hummus for a really, really long time – that’s how many cans of chickpeas I have to use up right now… I made it tonight to top our spicy sliders we had for dinner. Simple and tasty. And here are 5 Health Benefits of Hummus you might not know. Ingredients: 1- … Continue reading

Kale Salad with Red Pepper Flakes and Parmesan

Kale has to be one of the most nutrient rich foods you can get. Full of vitamins K, A, C, Fiber, Manganese, Tryptophan, Calcium, B6, Potassium, Folate and is part of an anti-inflammatory diet. You can’t go wrong with kale. Any type of kale. Kale can be tough, fibrous and difficult to chew if eaten raw. But … Continue reading

Apple Nachos

Apples circles are layered with warm ooey, gooey natural peanut butter, then topped with all the goodness of nuts and just a hint of sweetness on the very top. Ooohlala! So decadent! Compared to regular nachos this is a pretty healthy snack, but don’t over do it. This recipe is for two people so don’t … Continue reading