Homemade Marshmallows

This recipe for homemade marshmallows is all over Pinterest this time of year, but I took the recipe from Alton Brown’s recipe on The Food Network. The only thing I omitted was dusting them with a cornstarch and powdered sugar mixture as I only used the powdered sugar. It seems a bit labor intensive to … Continue reading

Dukkah Encrusted Brussel Sprouts

I love brussel sprouts and usually fry them in a blend of three oils with sesame seeds, like I did here, but today I roasted them in the oven. They turned out really great and were much less oily too. I added Dukkah seasoning, which was recommended in my Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans … Continue reading

Cranberry Sauce

What’s turkey without this staple? Usually just a dry piece of bland turkey. Don’t open a can this year… make your own! Super duper easy and can be made up to a week ahead of time. Perfect combo of sweet and tart. Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving. Ingredients: 1- bag fresh cranberries (12 ounces) 1/4 cup- … Continue reading

Gallo Pinto

When we vacationed in Costa Rica this past August, they served Gallo Pinto with every breakfast and it was a staple on every buffet. It was so good, we had it for more than breakfast and needless to say, it is so good, I gained a few lbs. Oops! And of course in the morning … Continue reading

Balsamic Chicken with Corn Salsa

A great recipe to spruce up “boring old chicken” night. This recipe has 3 parts to make this one dish. (I know, I know… but it’s so tasty!) You can make the corn salsa the night before if you’d like and I recommend making the reduction first. I made it from my new cookbook, Mindful Eating … Continue reading

Cantaloupe Salsa

For topping chicken, fish and steak… or as my husband says, ” all by itself”, as he was eating it by the spoonfuls… Seriously, this recipe made a lot of salsa and quite frankly I think it might even be good on tortilla chips? Try it and let me know… Ingredients:  1/2- cantaloupe, peeled and … Continue reading