Shrimp Salad with Lime Dressing

I made this salad tonight from my July issue of Better Homes and Gardens and it was superb. Really. Light, flavorful, creamy and crisp. Perfect for a hot weather meal. It whips up in a snap and is filling to boot. Enjoy! Ingredients: 1 pound- uncooked shrimp with or without the tail (next time I … Continue reading

Chicken in the Garden

Well, I’m ashamed to say that it’s been six months since I last posted a recipe here on my food blog. But, I have many reasons! I moved to Florida finally and wowee have I been busy! First, I downsized a four bedroom house with a full basement to get here, then had to downsize … Continue reading

4th of July Recipe Ideas for Your Celebration!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the foods that come with certain celebrations leave a lot to be, well… celebrated. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good grass-fed, organic burger with all the trimmings like pasta and potato salads but what if you want something other than the usual sides? How about a … Continue reading

Creamed Cucumbers

My mom’s been making creamed cucumbers ever since I was a little girl and I’ve always loved them, BUT there’s nothing quite as good as growing your own and then making this recipe! Two words for you: Yum. Yum. Yep, these little beauties are from my garden and this is how my mom taught me … Continue reading

Kale Salad with Red Pepper Flakes and Parmesan

Kale has to be one of the most nutrient rich foods you can get. Full of vitamins K, A, C, Fiber, Manganese, Tryptophan, Calcium, B6, Potassium, Folate and is part of an anti-inflammatory diet. You can’t go wrong with kale. Any type of kale. Kale can be tough,¬†fibrous¬†and difficult to chew if eaten raw. But … Continue reading

Asian Cobb Salad with Sesame Vinaigrette

I found this recipe at Naturebox. It’s a healthier version of the Cobb Salad that’s usually a bit heavy on the bacon and cheese. This is perfect for a summer day when you want a full belly of goodness without all the greasy, sleepy, slowness you get after a big meal. Pair with a cold … Continue reading

Gallo Pinto

When we vacationed in Costa Rica this past August, they served Gallo Pinto with every breakfast and it was a staple on every buffet. It was so good, we had it for more than breakfast and needless to say, it is so good, I gained a few lbs. Oops! And of course in the morning … Continue reading