The Lady and Her Squirrel Friends: My First Children’s Book is Out!

Hiya! I’m back again, but this time instead of a recipe, I wanted to let you know my first children’s book has just been published! You can find the Kindle e-book and paperback book here:

I think the paperback would be more fun for children ages 3-7 because it’s an interactive book with a matching game and word search in the back, but I wanted to offer it in both formats just in case adult readers are traveling with young children and don’t have the book handy.

Synopsis of the book:

When a lady discovers a family of squirrels living high up in her bun, she is pretty surprised! Her new friends are so rowdy and rambunctious that her once tidy house is now a frightful mess! Find out how this lady and her new squirrel friends get along in this rhyming story!

This book reminds adult readers of the importance of having fun and helps teach children ages 3-7 years old that cleaning up is nice, sharing with others is kind, and both can be fun!

In the back of the book, you’ll find twenty questions for adults to ask children that will help children remember the story and interact with the reader. There is also an activity-matching page and word search for added fun!

I am currently working on two more children’s books and have a list of fun ideas to write about (most of which come from my real life.)

The backstory of The Lady and Her Squirrel Friends:

I wrote this story one day after sitting on my lanai lounging around and reading. When I came inside the house I realized I had a very large spider sitting up in my bun on the top of my head!! I KNOW, RIGHT!? Later, I sat down to write about it as a funny story. So, I changed the spider to squirrels, made up the rest, and The Lady and Her Squirrel Friends were born. When I posted the original story to my FB page people said it would make a great children’s book.

I originally wrote this story on 3/27/21. But, when I tried to find an illustrator, I quickly found out just how expensive they are and put it aside. Earlier this year, I stumbled upon a class that taught Indie authors how to illustrate our own stories, so I did it myself for much less.

Anyway, The Lady and Her Squirrel Friends books also have a glossy cover for ease of cleaning from tiny hands that may be sticky or gooey.

Note: The paperback has a tan background and the Kindle version has a white background. KDP publishing didn’t recognize the white background as being within the allotted margins, so I had to make it a complimentary color it could see.

Okay! That’s it! Sorry, I don’t have a recipe for you, but… I did make the trending Tiktok tortilla sandwich with potato salad yesterday. (I’m not on Tiktok, it came up in my FB feeds though.) It had tomato slices, avocado mash, dairy-free cheddar, and bacon on it. We are having the pizza version of this same sandwich later tonight. Below is a picture of last night’s dinner:

I hope you read my book, leave a review, and make yourself a Tiktok sandwich. So good! Hey! Maybe you could eat this sandwich AS you’re reading my book?! – Boop! Bye!

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