Snap Pea and Roasted Corn with Orange Vinaigrette

I know it’s miserably cold where you’re at; you may even be snowed in, but, how about a taste of sunshine with your hot soup? That’s what THIS is! I could seriously eat this for my entire dinner.

Cameron Diaz made this in a little “story” that came up in my feeds the other day on FB and although she didn’t give measurements, I thought I’d figure it out. And I did. You’re welcome!


1— (8 ounce bag) — Snap peas, washed. (Please wash them again, even if the bag says they already are.)

4— ears of corn. Oh, it’s not corn season? Buy it in the can or frozen.

1— large orange, juiced and some of the zest.

1— large clove Garlic, minced.

2— Tbsp. Olive oil. One for the pan you’ll be roasting the corn in, and one for the vinaigrette.

1 1/2— tsp. rice vinegar or white wine vinegar.

Salt and pepper to taste.


Husk and wash corn. Cut off cob. Add to 1— Tbsp. hot olive oil and start to fry. Turn down heat to simmer and slow roast until brown, moving it about in the pan with a spatula. The corn gets nice and chewy and sweet.

Wash snap peas, cut off pointy ends. Discard ends, cut snap peas up into small pieces (about the size of a kernel of corn,) set snap peas aside in a bowl large enough to hold the corn when it’s done too. The snap peas will look like sliced green onions.

In small bowl add 1 Tbsp. Olive oil, 1 tsp. rice vinegar, juice of one orange, and some zest. Whisk until well incorporated. Adjust to your taste and add salt and pepper.

Before I whisked it…

By now, the corn is aromatic and getting brown. Keep going until it gets a nice caramel color on most of the kernels. Add to your snap peas.

Toss in vinaigrette and stir well.

Season with more salt and pepper to taste.

Serve immediately as a side dish with any meal, or enjoy by itself.

You may have extra vinaigrette! Don’t toss!

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