Jujube and Ginger Tea

Burr! You keeping’ warm? I hope so! Yesterday, and the day before, I rode my bike 9 miles each day and today it’s FRICKIN FREEZING! 43 degrees and windy! Yikes! There’s a definite winter season in Florida for those of us acclimated to triple digits. I know, I can hear your eye roll from here… nobody gets it until they’ve lived here awhile.

Anyway, because the weather dictated, today is all about coziness and staying inside. And I love it! I made pancakes, rice krispy treats, and this tea today— and I’m calling it done. I got the chance to pull out my big fuzzy socks, warm sweatpants, and do what I do best. Chill.

I’ve enticed many a men out into raging winter storms for my homemade ginger tea with honey and lemon over the years, so when this came up in my feeds on YT, I thought, “What is a Jujube and where can I get some?!”

Turns out a jujube (pronounced Ju-Jube) is a Chinese red date. And this recipe is from one of my favorite YT ladies: Maangchi. Thank you, Maangchi!

Dates are high in potassium, vitamin C, and antioxidants and are great for your skin and warding off colds.

We called five different local Asian markets, but nobody sold them around us, so my husband ordered them online right away and they arrived today!

This is what they look like:

My husband calls them juju 🐝’s.


4 ounces — jujubes, washed and cut halfway through the middle. (Mine had a small pit. You do not need to remove this.)

Hi there, little feller!
He’s cozy!

6 cups — water

Ginger— peeled; about an inch and a half to two inches long. Sliced.

1 — cinnamon stick

Pine nuts, a few for each mug

That’s it!


Place in a tea pot or pan like I did mine below, bring to a boil over medium high heat, and then turn heat to medium to low and simmer for 1 — hour.

When times up, strain out the dates, ginger pieces, and cinnamon stick in a strainer until the liquid is removed. Press spoon against the ingredients within the strainer to fully get the goodness inside the dates and then discard the boiled ingredients.

What you have left is a dark brown liquid you top with pine nuts and it tastes like Autumn in a mug! 🥰

My dates were small, so 4 ounces for me was 25 dates.
6 pretty pine nuts swimming in a row. 🙄
Here’s to your health and staying warm and cozy! Until next time… 😘

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