Joyce’s Kanella

If you read memoir or are writing your own, and are not already reading and following Joyce Maynard on social media, I would recommend that you do. I took Joyce’s Creative Live writing course last year; which is now on sale for ten dollars, and it was hugely helpful.

Joyce shared this cookie recipe on her FB page for Christmas the other day and because today is gray and cold, it was the perfect day to bake them. I made them vegan because I’m allergic to dairy (not lactose intolerant, that’s something different) and I also made them gluten-free.

These are the perfect cookie in my opinion, because they are not too sweet, and have a subtle hint of cinnamon and brown sugar in each.

I halved the original recipe since it’s just me and my husband, so feel free to double it for your family. My halving it yielded 18 cookies.


1/2 cup — unsalted butter, or vegan butter.

1/2 cup — sugar

1/2 cup — brown sugar, packed.

1 — egg

2 Tbsp. — sour cream, or vegan sour cream.

1 — tsp. Vanilla extract

2.5 cups — flour, or gluten-free flour

1 tsp. — baking powder

1 tsp. — cinnamon

1/2 cup — chopped nuts, any kind. ( I used walnuts.)


Cream the butter and sugar together.

Add eggs, sour cream, and vanilla.

Sift dry ingredients and gradually add to the bowl.

Stir in your choice of nuts.

Form into crescent shapes

Bake at 350 degrees for 12 minutes.

Note: My cookies seemed to still need more time to bake after 12 minutes, but I allowed them to sit on the hot pan to cool. They ended up setting perfectly.

Remove to plate when cool.

Dunk in your coffee. Yummy!

Thanks Joyce!

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