Potato Candy

We were watching a new show called The Laundry Guy on Discovery + last night and in addition to doing laundry for people, he shares recipes, and tips and tricks that he uses in his own life. He shared the recipe for potato candy in the first show and it reminded me that I’ve always wanted to make it. Well… it’s not as easy as he makes it looks even though this has the least amount of ingredients of anything I’ve ever made.

Here are a few of my most notable mistakes.

He used one potato, so in my mind… two would be better! Ugh! Do not do this. I ruined the recipe by using another potato, because, for every potato you use, you need a front loader full of powdered sugar to create dough! Or should I say, “Doh!”

One. Potato.

I also didn’t let the mashed potato (one) cool enough the first time. It never formed into a dough no matter how much powdered sugar I added which was every bit I had left in the house. Mine was soup and would have never firmed up with the ratio of potatoes I used.

“Honey! Can you please go to the store and buy two large bags of powdered sugar?” 🚗 The answer is always “yes.” Because: food. Sweet food. 😂

On to the next problem… rolling! I rolled it onto parchment paper and it squished out the sides. I had to pick it up and place it back on the parchment longways (on the long side of the paper) and roll it that way. Soft dough is hard to pick up and maneuver while having the parchment paper roll back up. (Use what you have to hold it down.) By this time, I wanted to chuck this batch into the garbage. But! If there is a will there is a way!

I had powdered sugar all over my kitchen and now… my dough was starting to crack 😖 but, I kept going…

I won’t bore you with the rest…


1 — potato

6-7 cups — powdered sugar

1 tsp. — vanilla extract

1 1/2 Tbsp. + — Peanut butter, spread out about an inch from the edge. (You can add jelly or jam too. I made both.)


Peel potato, cut into small pieces, boil until soft, then mash.

Let it cool.

Add one cup powdered sugar at a time. This will still liquify, even when cool, but keep going. Add vanilla before it becomes a dough. You might use 6 cups of powdered sugar, a little less, or a little more. This all depends on the size of the potato you start with.

You will have a large ball of dough from kneading. Cut into two pieces and roll each ball into rectangles.

Spread with peanut butter. Roll up.

Place the log of potato candy into the refrigerator and tuck the ends of the parchment underneath.

Refrigerate for 1 hour.

Cut with a sharp knife, wiping the knife between each cut. Place in a plate to serve.

See photos for (most) of the process… you should work as quickly as possible once it’s a dough ball.

My dough. Work quickly.
Roll out into a rectangle. Use avocados, rolling pin, measuring cups, fire extinguishers, etc… to hold the parchment down. 🤨
This is too much peanut butter.
Is that avocado giving me a side eye?
You should not see peanut butter on your parchment.
Seam should close without seepage.
Extreme close-up!
Not the prettiest, but yummy nonetheless!

If you’re still here. Thanks! I hope you give this a whirl and tell me about your experience. I’ll be here cleaning powdered sugar out from under my nails.

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