General Tso’s Tofu

Hey. How y’all doin’?

Have you ever watched the show “My 600lb. Life?” That’s what Dr. Now says every single time he enters a patient’s room on the show. We laugh every time.

Speaking of 600 pounds… do y’all feel like that’s what you’re going to be after quarantine? Thankfully, where I live we can still walk and bike everyday. I feel for those of you who can’t.

Anyway, I hope this finds you healthy physically, as well as mentally. —We will get through this. Everything will be alright. We can lose weight. We can’t come back from dying. So, turn off the TV, and go make yourself a nice dinner. Light a candle. Self-love, baby.

This recipe is almost identical to the sweet n sour chicken recipe I posted back when we ate meat. You can find that post here. You can also use this recipe’s sauce for tofu as well.

I got this recipe from The Buddhist Chef. It’s super easy to make (once you master the art of browning tofu, see frustrations directions below) and has just the right spice to it whereas the post above is sweeter. So, depending on your mood and taste buds, improvise as you wish. —

And, there were no animals were harmed in the making of dinner. With what’s happening to the world right now, you may do better to eat more vegetables and tofu, even if you’re a meat-eater. No judgement. Just 🤮.


A block of extra firm tofu, pressed and cubed.

Sprinkle with cornstarch and coat by gently mixing with your hands.

Start heating up that oil while you’re doing this.

When fully coated, add tofu to a hot skillet with enough oil to coat the bottom.

While that browns, in a medium bowl, whisk together the following:

2 cloves— garlic, minced.

3— green onions chopped.

1 Tbsp —chopped ginger, or use powdered if you don’t have fresh; approximately a tablespoon.

2 Tablespoons — each of ketchup, soy sauce and maple syrup.

1 tsp. — Siracha or Cholua hot sauce.

3/4 cup — vegetable broth.


Fry tofu until crispy on all sides. —The key to achieving this is do not even touch it. Just when you think it’s time to turn it— don’t.

Now? No.

Now? No.

Still… no.

Just when you think you’re going to burn it… take a peek under one piece. It’s probably not brown is it?

Leave. It. Alone.

Also, wait longer!

O.k… try now?

Brown! Yay!

Now do this for all four sides. 😧

Once you have mastered that impossible feat, add in your sauce. Let it boil until sauce is thickened.

Pour over the rice you didn’t make because that step wasn’t in here and garnish with green onions.

Do I have to tell you everything? If so…

Enjoy! And be well.

Also, I made cauliflower gnocchi the other day.


Boiled cauliflower, drained, placed in a clean towel and squeezed of all liquid. Mince in food processor. Pour into a bowl, Add 2/3 cup of GF flour, pinch of salt, mix well. Roll out onto cutting board with more flour if needed to prevent sticking. Roll into snakes of dough, cut into bite sized pieces and fry until brown.

Add any kind of sauce or butter.

You’re welcome! 😘

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