Recipe for Happiness & Other News

I know, I know! You are here for recipes and what’s with all this book stuff? You didn’t follow this site for that!

O.k! I got it!

So, here’s my personal recipe for happiness:


  • 1 – human companion that is willing to grow and learn with you along life’s path
  • 1 – 2+ furry type companions, or maybe a fish or two
  • 1 – box like structure that holds these precious beings β€” you are counted in that equation, just so you know. πŸ˜‰
  • Add in as much home-cooking as possible (see note below); mostly vegetables
  • Allow in the occasional decadent indulgences of “waffle and pancake days” or Chinese night in pajamas while consuming copious amounts of reading and/or Netflicks or Ghost stories and/or large amounts of watching art journal videos
  • Have a home library
  • Make lots of art and decorate your box-like structure with all your homemade wares and those of the artists you support. (We recently visited Asheville, NC and The WoolWorth Walk was my all time favorite! So inspiring, and of course I couldn’t resist getting ideas and bringing home some homemade goodies. β€” By the way, I just opened an Etsy store here if you’d like to take a look. I have even more Halloween to come soon and of course some non-Halloween items I’ve made too, including my book with a homemade bookmark made just for you! I’ve been busy…)
  • Get outside as much as possible and walk or hike up a mountain β€” it clears the head and moves your creative juices around
  • Listen to the birds sing and to what nature has to say to you. It’s there, if you listen
  • Get massages regularly, if you can’t do that β€” invest in a good foam roller, $40 at Target and roll around on the floor β€”you are welcome!
  • Add in some healthy liquid like water, coffee, or tea to keep it all succulent and beautiful, and give it all a good stir


  • Take in as much as possible of these things (except for the waffles and pancakes) and bake them up for one sweet day!
  • Enjoy!

Happy now? O.k.

I need ya’ll to go over and read my post on my other blog today and follow me there, k?

Note: This blog was started 7 years ago, May 11, 2011 to be exact. There are 161 posts here and to be quite honest, my life is changing rapidly; (more on that another time.) Since that time, my husband and I have retired, portions have gotten smaller, appetites have shrunk, interests have changed β€” A LOT! β€” and lately with the publishing of my first book Steel Town Girl, I’ve allowed a lot more take out and going out to eat than usual. I’ve had to in order to get anything else done.

Here’s something that might blow your mind:

My husband retired from his job after 33 years. I have been at the stove since I was nine. That’s 41 years of cooking something for someone. And I’m tired.

So, with that being said, I still love cooking, I still try to make healthy choices, but posts here may get less and less, and unless you follow me at my new blog, we may not get to know what’s going on with one another. If you follow me there, I’ll be sure to follow back.

Peace, love and happiness to you all and I hope this recipe turns out well for you!

Let me know what you’d add (or delete) in the comments!

Bonus! Right now, until Nov 27, 2018 if you buy the Kindle version of my book Steel Town Girl, you’ll get a $4.30 credit toward the purchase price of any other book listed on “Great on Kindle.”




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