Recipe for Happiness & Other News

I know, I know! You are here for recipes and what’s with all this book stuff? You didn’t follow this site for that! O.k! I got it! So, here’s my personal recipe for happiness: Ingredients: 1 – human companion that is willing to grow and learn with you along life’s path 1 – 2+ furry … Continue reading

Pub Day! 9/21/18

This is what showing up for yourself looks like after twenty-seven years of putting yourself on hold! I’m both a ball of anxiety and an empty sack of relief! Today, is PUB DAY for me! Yay! A day I thought would NEVER get here! My book Steel Town Girl, a memoir, is now available on Amazon! … Continue reading

Egg Loaf

There’s two words you don’t usually see together. What is it? A Ketogenic diet created version of French toast. I found this recipe on YT here. I made mine with vegan butter, and a coconut-based vegan cream cheese, and when it was done it looked just like the one in the video. I wanted to … Continue reading