Cauliflower Walnut Taco Meat

Wait… what? Yep. And it’s frickin’ delicious and so easy all you do is twirl it, bake it and eat it. I got this keeper from Lindsay at: Pinch of Yum Ingredients: 3 cups- cauliflower 2 cups- walnuts 2- chipotle peppers in adobo sauce 1- Tablespoon chili powder 1- teaspoon cumin Salt to taste How … Continue reading

Easy Vegan Pho Soup

When we first eliminated meat from our diet, we went full on vegan and ate no animal products at all. Although we managed to get through our Jamaica vacation completely vegan, once we got home we decided to add eggs back into our diet. Vegetarian it is then! – We used to eat Paleo and … Continue reading

Stir-fried Vegetable Fettuccini

Hey everyone! Since we’ve transitioned to plant based eating on March 1st, I’ve been on the lookout for flavorful vegetarian meals. Since that date, my husband has lost 14 lbs. and I’ve lost 12. I lamented over eating meat for years and started by removing red meat, doing meatless Monday’s and then only making the … Continue reading

Sweet Potato Falafel

Hey Y’all! So much has happened in the one year and four months since uploading my last recipe here! Yikes! It’s been that long!! But, first things first. The recipe! (If this looks different from previous posts it’s because I’m updating from my phone! How cool is that?) I got this recipe from: Ingredients: … Continue reading