Snowman Tea Light Ornaments

Snowman Tea Light Ornaments

Snowman Tea Light Ornaments

I’m changing up my blog soon and adding more categories in the coming months to include craft tutorials.

I was going to wait until I had everything changed before posting this because the header up there says Robin’s Recipes and Food blog, but I couldn’t wait. These are just way too cute not to share… and maybe you can make a few before Christmas.



You will need:

Black felt, red felt, battery operated tea lights, thin ribbon to hang, colorful ribbon for scarves, black sharpie, orange sharpie, small pom poms, hot glue, and pipe cleaners in red.


With a black sharpie draw two eyes and a mouth and color the “flame” orange. (Note: Make sure the tip of the flame is pointing up for a nicer look.)

Draw eyes and a mouth with black sharpie and color the flame orange for the nose. (Make sure the "flame" points up for a better look.)

Cut a red pipe cleaner into 2.5 inch strips and glue to the top of each tea light at the ends. Glue one red pom poms on each side to make ear muffs.

Cut a pipe cleaner in 2.5 inch lengths and glue to the top of the head on each side. Glue one pom pom to each side to make earmuffs.

Cut a piece of decorative ribbon into 4.5 inch pieces and form an “X”. Glue the front “X” together so the scarf stays together, then glue the back of the scarf to the backside of the tea light.










Cut a piece of black felt in the shape of a square about 1 and a 1/4 inch wide. You can eyeball this enough to come up with a cute top hat.










Add your solid ribbon at the top of each tea light for hanging in any length you need by tying a knot in the end and gluing it onto the back of the light (sorry, I didn’t take a picture.)

Hang them on your tree or anywhere you need a little cuteness.

I hung mine on the outside of my hot cocoa mix jars and I’ll have another to hang on the outside when the Christmas baskets I’m putting together for my neighbors are all done.


Christmas baskets




This cute little crafty Christmas project was from One Little Project.


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