Dairy Free Hot Cocoa Mix

Christmas gifts in a jar

Christmas gifts in a jar

Since I can’t have dairy, what the heck was I supposed to do when I wanted a big mug of hot chocolate on these (not so cold) days here in Florida. LOL!

Answer: Find and make a non-dairy version of the store bought kind, and boy oh boy is it ever good!

Warming the mix up along with the almond/coconut milk on the stove top, making sure it’s all incorporated, gives is that extra rich, oh so good flavor that says it’s winter time. Er… or “the end of the year” here in Florida.

Really good if you can’t have dairy. Enjoy!


1 cup- dark cocoa powder

1 cup- brown sugar

1 cup- powdered sugar

1/2 cup- dairy free chocolate chips (optional to put on top if giving as a gift in a jar.)


Put all the ingredients together in a food processor and pulse until well incorporated.

Warm 3 tablespoons of the mix together with a mug full of almond or coconut milk in a sauce pan and top with homemade marshmallows (recipe to come shortly…)






Dairy Free Chocolate Chips on top

Dairy Free Chocolate Chips on top

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