Chicken in the Garden

Chicken in the Garden

Chicken in the Garden

Well, I’m ashamed to say that it’s been six months since I last posted a recipe here on my food blog. But, I have many reasons!

I moved to Florida finally and wowee have I been busy!

First, I downsized a four bedroom house with a full basement to get here, then had to downsize again once here. Then, ten days after we got here, I fell (again) and broke my foot (again.) Yeah. Lying around with your foot elevated with boxes that need unpacked around you is not my idea of fun.

Then, once I recovered, my mother-in-law had hip surgery so I took care of her. Then, my husband had to have foot surgery (again) and I’m now taking care of him! Oy!

Add to ALL this – furniture shopping I thought would never end, getting and returning things that didn’t work, didn’t fit, were damaged or we didn’t like. Going through 3 different entertainment centers, 3 couches, 2, credenzas, and 4 bed comforters before finding what we truly liked. Not to mention finding new Dr’s, finding our way around, getting new licenses; it’s all just disorienting!

And, well… although I’ve cooked many of the days in the past six months, I’ve either been at a loss as to what to make that was new, was too tired or just plain uninspired and depressed with all the changes in my life as of late. This I know for sure: Even when you’re excited about good changes (my husband’s retirement and moving away from a hellish soon-to-be-Ohio-winter), once they arrive they can still be overwhelming.

So… here I am, ready to post again. When the days slipped away from us due to working like mad beavers in the house, we would go to a place called Square One close to our home. It’s a burger joint but since I don’t eat red meat, I order their salad called Angus in the Garden (with chicken), so I call it Chicken in the Garden, duh. I have to say, it is thee best salad I have ever eaten. Ever. So… I took a handy dandy picture of the menu and re-created it here at home today. I hope you like it as much as we do.


1lb. – ground chicken

1 cup – Gluten-free Panko bread crumbs

Onion flakes or powder, to your taste

Sharp cheddar cheese, slicesSalt and pepper

1 container – organic lettuces, (any type you like)

corn, drained

black beans, drained and rinsed

green onions, sliced

jalapeños, fried (with some panko)

Russian Dressing (approx. 2 Tbsps.)

Tortilla Chips, crushed or strips

Sour Cream, dollops for on top


Mix ground chicken with approximately 3/4 cup of panko bread crumbs, onion flakes, salt and pepper (and any other seasonings you may like)

Divide meat into four burgers and form, lay burgers in a dish of more (about 1/4 cup) panko and bread both sides.

Fry in your choice of oil until golden brown on each side and juices run clear. When burgers are still a bit pink inside, turn heat off, add cheese slices and put the lid on it so the cheese melts.

Set chicken patties aside.

Add some panko to your drained jalapeños and fry in the oil left over in the pan until brown.

Put salad in a large bowl and drizzle with Russian dressing and toss. Add some more drizzles and continue to incorporate, until it’s mixed well but not dripping with dressing. (I probably used 2 Tbsps. for the whole bowl.) 

Add your corn, black beans and green onions and mix thoroughly.

Plate the salad mixture, lay chicken burger on top and add crushed tortilla chips on top and serve.

I served my husband’s with a side of fried jalapeños (I don’t eat them) and mine with extra green onions.

Add a dollop of sour cream on top and voila! Chicken in the Garden salad. YUM! It’s so much like the salad in the restaurant, I may never leave my house again. LOL! 😉




Frying chicken burgers. Jalapenos waiting to be fried.



Mix Salad in bowl

Mix Salad in bowl




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