Mexican Quinoa Bowl

Mexican Quinoa Bowl

Mexican Quinoa Bowl

We probably eat quinoa several times a week. It’s so versatile you can really do just about anything you can dream up with it. I’ve made it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack time. It’s a complete protein and super healthy to eat when looking for protein options as a vegetarian.

I love anything Mexican, and even though I love rice, it really doesn’t offer anything nutritious to the diet. Quinoa is the perfect substitute for rice in this Mexican bowl. It’s super tasty, super easy and really filling. We loved it, hope you do too. Enjoy!


2 cups- quinoa, cooked (usually 1 cup quinoa and 2 cups water, follow package directions.)

1- avocado, pitted, cut in half and diced or sliced

Salsa- any kind,(as much as you like)

1 packet- taco seasoning

Dollop- Sour cream for the top of each bowl

Green Onion (as much as you like), sprinkled on top

Cheddar Cheese (as much as you like), sprinkled on top

Black beans, drained and rinsed. (as much as you like)

Tomatoes, washed and diced.


Make your quinoa. Once water is absorbed, add your taco seasoning and stir well.

Put the quinoa in the center of the bowl and place each ingredient in the list above, around the quinoa for presentation.

Mix all of it at once and eat- or mix as you go making different tasting bites each time. Either way, it’s delicious.

Note: You can add any ingredient you like not listed here. Other suggestions might be: corn, lettuce, black olives, fried green peppers and onions… you get the idea.)

Stirred, not shaken

Stirred, not shaken

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