Black Beans and Polenta

Black Beans and Polenta

Black Beans and Polenta

Polenta is corn meal grits and is something I’ve been experimenting with as of late. You can find it in a roll or buy the bulk cornmeal in a bag. For this recipe, I made my own with the bagged kind and water. It was a bit harder to get it to stay in a round shape to fry afterward and didn’t really get brown, so I really prefer the roll.

We still have not eaten any meat for four plus weeks now and we don’t miss it a bit. It is a bit harder to find things to make, especially when you’re trying to incorporate protein into every meal that’s for sure, but I think we will continue on to see if we can do this.

This is a recipe I found on a can of black beans. It was tasty, full of protein and very filling. If you buy the roll of polenta, it’s super easy and quick.  You can pair it with a small side salad to round out your meal. Enjoy!


3 Tbsp. – olive oil

1 medium onion- diced small. (I used onion flakes.)

4 cloves- garlic, minced

1/8 tsp.- cayenne pepper

1/8 tsp. – black pepper

1 tsp.- cumin

3/4 tsp. – coriander

1 tsp.- basil

1/4 tsp. – oregano

1- 14 ounce can- organic black beans

1- 14 ounce can- stewed tomatoes

Polenta (roll or bagged kind made according to package directions)


If using an onion, add oil to skillet and saute onion for about 5 minutes, then add your tomatoes, beans and all the spices.

If using onion powder, add beans, tomatoes and all spices to a small pan and heat through.

If using bagged polenta, make according to package directions, allow to set, make round patties, then fry in oil.

If using the polenta in a roll, cut into thick slices, then fry in oil till heated through.

Plate the polenta slices and top with the bean and tomato mixture.

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