Ginger Tea

Ginger tea with honey and lemon

Ginger tea with honey and lemon

I have a hellacious cold right now and I love nothing more than a hot cup of ginger tea with lemon when I don’t feel well. I’m on cup number two today and this is how I make mine.

Ginger by the way, is not only tasty, but is super, duper good for your skin. If you know me, you know I’m all about the what’s good for my skin. Read more on the Benefits of Ginger on your Skin.

This will make two cups.


1-  large ginger bulb

1- lemon, cut in half and juiced. (half for each cup)

2 and 1/2 heaping teaspoons – organic honey


Boil your water

Scrape the edge of a spoon against your ginger bulb to peel. Watch a video on how right here

Cut off enough for two people to have 5 slices of ginger for each cup.

Pour hot water over ginger

Add honey and half a lemon each cup.

Allow to steep for 10 minutes before drinking.

You can strain your ginger off or eat.

Enjoy in the winter anytime or when you have a cold.

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