I’m Baaaacccckkk…Because Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Junk!

My Shirt!

Sorry about the lengthy break, it started out unintentional, really. But I must say, it was nice not to feel pressure about posting something on my blog everyday after dinner and just enjoy life.

No worries though… I made a folder on my desktop of all the things I was cooking and creating for the blog and will share those recipes with you all in the coming days.

Oh… and I’ve updated the look of my blog; adding a few more tabs at the top, another short bio to the right with picture and various photos strewn throughout. Hope you like it.

Since my last post in February:

Mostly, since not working a job, I’ve spent my days nourishing my body, mind and soul somehow; doing anti-gravity yoga, lounging in the sun, writing, working out, walking, playing with my cat, learning about the art of bento lunch making, sewing, going a train ride, reading romance novels that take place on trains (lol), walking through the park hand in hand with my honey, watching the geese with their babies in Spring, taking pictures of my garden, going to lectures on women’s nutrition, feeding the squirrels, fighting off birds that love to eat my strawberries, enjoying coffee and dessert with my love at bookstores and going to the library more now than ever before. And sometimes doing nothing more than relaxing and enjoying the moment like a true zen master. Next, I’m going to try, canning and BELLY DANCING!


We also went to Florida in February. My hubby was excited to share Disney’s Epcot Center with me since it was my first time and we went house shopping while there. Yep, in only 18 short months we will be moving to Florida when he retires and we’re so excited!

Walt Disney

AntiGravity Yoga

Walking my Talk: 

Cold Weather Ninja

Last year in 2012, after selling a business that felt toxic to our health and purging toxic people from our lives earlier this year, I wanted to become more conscious of other toxins in our lives.

Sunning myself

On my quest to do so, I replaced all our pots and pans with healthier “green” pans that do not have toxic chemicals in them. I’m still in the process of changing over all my plasticware to glass, I’ve changed out my skincare line and make-up with organic, natural lines and have even swapped out most of our cleaning products and laundry soap for non-toxic versions.

Geese with babies


Everyday I’m learning more and more about organic, green living and still have more I want to do, but I love it. I feel so empowered now and so in charge of myself and my life than ever before.

As someone in a food documentary once said, “One of the few freedoms we have left in this world, is what we will and will not eat.” Don’t get me wrong, we’re not “organic snobs”, we do eat non-organic foods, we just make healthier choices when organic is not available.

Bento Lunch

Working OutI’ve been visiting local, organic farm markets for some time now for our groceries; buying mostly non-GMO, gluten-free, free-range, antibiotic-free, grass fed meats and organic eggs and produce and recently we’ve been eating at organic eateries when we do eat out. Even our cat eats a healthy diet and is on a natural meat filled cat food without filler, corn or soy.

We’ve also planted a garden this year for the first time. In Ohio, that can be challenging with our labile weather, but I’m happy with the results so far. (See ‘Pictures of My Garden‘ at the top.)

My reflection on train


Thanks for stopping by.  Stay tuned for more dinner recipes and post workout snacks for a healthier YOU!

~ Robin

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