Okonomiyaki (Japanese Pizza)

Okononomiyaki (Japanese) Pizza

I spend a lot of time at Trader Joe’s and have been on their website a few times to check out their recipes. This recipe looked fabulous and I wanted to try it, with the exception of using rice flour in place of wheat flour to make it gluten free.

Simple egg-battered shredded cabbage and leeks fried in olive oil, topped with toasted almonds and green onions.

Although mine doesn’t look like the original recipe and photo on Trader Joe’s website, wowee, is this tasty!

I think the pan I used made it difficult to turn and will use a non-stick pan next time. I also would like to make smaller, individual sized pizzas instead of a large one, which may make it easier to turn without falling apart. Regardless, this one is a keeper and we devoured it. Hope you like it too!


1 tablespoon- olive oil (more if needed when turning)

2 cups- shredded cabbage (you can buy this pre-shredded, look for cole slaw in the pre-packaged salad isle.)

1 cup – chopped leeks, washed well

2/3 cup- wheat flour (I used rice flour to make it gluten free)

sea salt – to taste

2 eggs- beaten

4- green onions, chopped

2 handfuls – almonds, toasted in the oven for 4-5 minutes at 350 degrees


Preheat the oven to 350 degrees

Add almonds to a small pan and cook for 4-5 minutes until toasted, remove and set aside

Add your 2 cups of shredded cabbage to a bowl

Wash and cut up the leek, (all the white and some of the green) – I used my hand food processor from Tupperware to really chop it well.

Add that to the bowl with the cabbage

Season with salt, and add the flour

Stir all well until well coated

Beat your 2 eggs in a small bowl, add to the cabbage mixture and blend until all is mixed well

Over medium heat, once olive oil is heated, add your cabbage mixture and spread out flat like a pizza (or you could use spoonfuls, like I want to do next time, which will make it easier to flip)

Cook 3-4 minutes

Once bottom is brown, flip onto a plate or slide if your pan is non-stick to a plate and back into the skillet again

You can add more oil to the skillet at this point, if needed, and cook this side for an additional 3-4 minutes.

Slide cabbage pizza onto a flat surface like a cutting board

Top with green onions and toasted almonds, slice and serve immediately.

Nutritional Information: 

360 calories for 1/2 pizza

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