Strawberry Cream Parfaits

Strawberry Cream Parfaits

Know what I do as I workout? Watch The Food Network. Seriously.

Miss Giada DeLarentiis came on the other day as I was trucking down my treadmill hoping to burn the calories I ate from something else I made from that channel… and she was making this for dessert.

Not being a big sweet eater myself, it seemed light and not too icky sweet so I wanted to try it.

Good for any time you’d like a little something light and sweet. Looks pretty too! (*Note: Giada made 4 small parfaits, I made 2 large parfaits.)


1 lb. – frozen strawberries, thawed

2 Tablespoons – sour cream

1 cup- heavy whipping cream

8 – vanilla meringue cookies, coarsely chopped ( 2 extra (cut in half) for placing on top)


Mash the thawed out strawberries with a potato masher or fork, into a chunky sauce.

In a metal bowl; using a hand mixer, blend the heavy whipping cream and the sour cream together until thick, about 2 minutes.

Add the coarsely broken vanilla meringue cookies and fold in gently.

Add strawberry sauce to a parfait cup or glass and top with the meringue mixture.

Repeat this until both mixtures are gone, layering.

Top with 1/2 meringue cookie.

Thanks Giada! Giada’s Strawberry Parfaits

I’ll be on the treadmill if you need me!

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