Hamburger Vegetable Soup

Today was a good day for soup here in N.E. Ohio… 54 degrees and blustery. BURR! – Like a FB friend of mine said, “Fall has fallen.” I found this recipe on Facebook while at work (yeah… I’m the boss, I can Facebook) on the “Fix It and Forget It” page. It sounded so tasty … Continue reading

Chicken n Dumplings

I got this recipe from a Facebook friend, she got it from watching a Rachel Ray episode and now, after making it and tweeking it a bit I’m passing it on to you. This┬árecipe is pure comfort food! It would be good to make on a Fall/Winter day, good to take to a sick friend … Continue reading

Cabbage Wedges

Love stuffed cabbage but just don’t have the time? Yeah, me too… Here’s an easy recipe for Cabbage Wedges which are thrown together quickly and put in the oven to cook while you’re off doing other things. Easy peazy! This is very tasty and will only get tastier as the flavors marry the next day. … Continue reading

Mashed Cauliflower

My family loves mashed potatoes. I can peel a 5 lb. bag for just me and my husband and they will be gone in almost one sitting. If there are any left overs, it’s potato pancakes with eggs in the morning. But, since we’re trying to make healthier choices, here’s a┬ámuch less guilty version of … Continue reading