Scallops with Jarlsberg Cheese Sauce

Scallops with Jarlsberg Cheese Sauce & Crab Cake

An incredibly easy recipe that tastes like an expensive restaurant style meal. It only has four ingredients in it and you can make in under 10 minutes if you have the items on hand already! Enjoy!


2 lbs. of Sea Scallops (fresh or frozen)

4 oz. Jarlsberg Cheese Spread

4 oz. heavy cream

4 Tbsp. butter


Melt butter in skillet

Add sea scallops and cook until no longer translucent, about 5-7 mins.

Remove scallops and place on a warm plate.

In that same skillet, add your cream and cheese spread and whisk together until well blended into a creamy cheesy sauce.

Add your scallops back to the mixture and heat through.

Pour over pasta or rice and add a crispy baked crab cake and voila!  A fancy meal!  Serves 4.

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