Artichoke, Mushroom, Spinach & Fried Onion Pizza

Artichoke, Mushroom and Spinach White Pizza

An “in-front-of-the-TV-meal” that’s healthier than ordering Pizza Hut on a Friday night!


1- Boboli Crust (thin)

1- small jar of mushrooms, drained.

1- small can of Spinach, drained.

1- small jar of Progresso Artichokes, drained

1- small can of French fried onions.

White Pizza Sauce Oil with Basil. (Found in the pizza isle. It’s not white, it’s oil in a squeeze container with tip.)


Heat oven and cook according to pizza crust directions once crust is ready

While oven preheats, coat pizza with white pizza oil with a basting brush

Drain and squeeze spinach and lay out in pieces on the crust

Drain and arrange artichokes

Drain and arrange mushrooms

Top with french fried onions to taste

Sprinkle with additional seasonings such as salt and pepper, oregano, basil etc.

Bake, slice with pizza cutter and serve. Serves 2 hungry people or 4 slightly hungry people. Enjoy!

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